The Summer Experience 2018 – Bryan Miller & Seth Oller

The summer of 2018, in Upward Bound, was split into a five week program. The first of these weeks being a week long stay in the dorms at Simpson University in Redding CA. There we had classes that shed a little light into some of the careers we may have chosen to pursue. These classes were taught by actual professionals of each respective field. These classes took place during the day but later in the evening we were given fun activities we could partake in; such as roasting marshmallows, dancing to a DJ, or just relaxing on Simpsons beautiful campus. Some days we had special activities including a live magician and a trip to go white water rafting on the Trinity River! Soon the week came to an end but the fun didn’t stop. Weeks 2-4 of the 5 week program were spent taking a class to improve presentation edicate, along with helping us establish what career fields the students were interested in. These classes were taken during the day so we could return home during the afternoon. This week was also jam packed with surprise activities like; a live police demonstration, a field trip to Shasta Dam, and even limited CPR training. This still was not the end of Upward Bound’s plans! The final week of the program was focused more on seeing locations first hand; and what better way to do that but with a road trip! The Upward Bound crew to all of the students on a 4 day trip the bay area and southern California. The first destination was AT&T park in San Francisco California to catch a baseball game. While on location they also made a short trip to the nearby exploratorium where students could learn about how random aspects of the physical world worked. Throughout the trip the Upward Bound staff guided students on tours of colleges when we weren’t in other activities. Later in the week the crew went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk for some fun before returning home thus ending the the 5 weeks of summer fun.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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